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The Code of Westward Holdings Professional Advisors Tokyo Japan

· Financial Services

Every one of our associates at Westward Holdings will continually:

  • Exhibit an unmitigated optimistic attitude before our respected clients. Every recommendation and decision they make must put the client’s interest above all other considerations.
  • Assure the openness of our sources of compensation and inform clients of other possible options available.
  • Guarantee all personal details submitted to us by our clients receives complete protection of our confidentiality policy within the full extent allowed by law.
  • Completely observe and uphold all legal and governing provision imposed by the pertinent agencies in the respective regions where we operate and, likewise, comply with set guidelines of our associate-partners owned and run by Westward Holdings.
  • Avoid acts and attitudes that will directly violate or adversely affect high ethical standards, honesty, integrity and professional conduct when transacting with clients.
  • Correspond promptly with all our clients and address every issue or query they raise with dispatch and diligence.
  • Upgrade their knowhow and expertise with continuous training.
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